Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK wanted to streamline taking donations on their site. Previously they had seemingly endless different ways of making a donation, whether it be monthly, one-off, in memory of someone, in celebration of an event, to a specific type of cancer, to a campaign, to a specific research centre, a gift left in a will, and more. Typically each of these methods had their own donate page, with no consistency around design or UX, making it very confusing for the user. They asked us to to do a UX discovery piece around bringing all these methods into one simple unified donate system.

User journeys

As part of the process we created 13 different user personas and user journeys through the donate process, covering most of the different ways of donating, and coming from various different locations: search engines, email campaigns, campaign landing pages, the homepage etc. For each of these journeys I created high fidelity wireframes to show the flow and to arrive at a more unified donate journey. The culmination of this was the suggested unified donation page shown above. 

Back end

Cancer Research UK also needed a comprehensive and easy to use back-end admin to help manage their existing donations and numerous online campaigns. I worked on all the UX and visual design, including a themeable interface and custom set of icons.