In the summer of 2016, my wife and I spent some time travelling through Africa and a month volunteering with a charity in Zimbabwe called ONE. During our time there I was asked to help look at their branding, which was looking a little tired and had become a bit of a jumble of various different styles. 

The organisation is the heart of the local community and provides a range of various services under three main arms – the local community centre, the local church and a vocational training centre. ONE wanted an overarching logo that represented the community coming together, as well as logos for each of the subsidiaries.

Each of the various projects, groups and services all needed a simple logo that tied into the overall family, but was clearly identifiable as belonging to the relevant arm of the organisation.

They needed a simple set of brand elements they could roll out across all their materials and could easily be applied by their internal team. This lead to a visual language using the circles from the logo allowing them to quickly and easily give everything a more unified look.

I was also asked to design a site and various social media assets ready for a full launch of the new brand shortly after we sadly had to leave.