STS are a leading payment solution provider who I’ve been designing for for a number of years. I’ve worked on a large number of projects including a full rebrand, new website and various print materials, as well as all the visual design and UX for a number of their products. This included pedlr – a mobile app for easily taking payments through your mobile phone connected wirelessly to a mobile card reader. 

Another product I’ve worked on – PayOp – is a remote tool for managing and maintaining a company’s entire payment system – keeping track of all payment terminals, allowing remote software updates and configuration changes, and a vast array of functionality and analytics. Working with the developers I was able to help design a system that was easy to use by people that wouldn’t normally be able to perform these kinds of tasks without advanced programming knowledge.

I also designed and built a fully responsive website in Drupal including a new family of icons and numerous interactive diagrams to help explain the technical aspects of STS’ products and services.